Monday, October 20, 2008

New electric Mini

BMW Mini has created the first electric electric Mini...pretty cool hey?
It will be released early next year, but only to commercial and private customers in the US, and only 500 are available for now. Europe will be the next lucky ones after the first release.
Finally...a good-looking "green" (eco) car...YAY!
Don't you think that Prius is ugly??
I wonder how much this cutie will cost?


a corgi said...

that looks cute!! I'm thinking the first few will have a very high cost and hopefully as they make more of them, they'll start going down in price. I think the Prius is okay looking; nothing fancy about it though

hope you are doing good


Chantel said...

Haha sorry Betty about the Prius comment...I guess it really isn't that bad :-)

I'm doing good...hope you are too!