Monday, December 8, 2008

My Christmas Wish List!

So I thought I would post a list of the few things I wish I had / would like to get for Christmas :-)
First off I'll start off with certain electronic items...

I have been wanting one of these for a while now. I keep getting this urge to draw whenever I'm working on a design, and this would be the best tool for that. I can't always get the result I want by using my mouse. This is my number 1 gift :-)

I was using this screen at my previous job and I absolutely fell in love with it. The look, and the's just perfect for my kind of work. I have been struggling a bit trying to design on a 13" laptop screen, so this would be a great addition to my design tools.

Our digital camera mysteriously stopped working all of a sudden, and we haven't been able to take any good quality pics of our two babies, Bella our corgi, and Liam our beagle. It's really unfortunate and I feel like we're missing opportunities to capture those special moments with them.
Now we go to the gifts I could use in my new *brown & turquoise* office

These are so perfect for my brown & turquoise themed office. They're absolutely stunning.
Hopefully going to need them once my business kicks off and I have lots of documents to file :-)

I thought this frame was absolutely beautiful, and perfect to display a pic of my soulmate and I.

I love how you can personalise it with your names :-)

This will match the room perfectly, and will definitely come in handy to post any important notes, and for favourite pics :-)

These would look great on the couch in my office, just to add that little extra sophistication :-)

And lastly, to finish off my office, this lovely wallpaper on the feature wall would look absolutely fabulous!
Now we move onto the gifts that my princess Bella could use...

These are so cute! Bella would love these

I love this polka-dot collar...too cute!

And the FINAL gift on my wish-list, the most adorable gift is....


So what is on your list for this Christmas?


JuLo said...

LOL! Nice stuff! I wouldn't mind it either. :) I'm sensing you like the color turquoise. ;)

a corgi said...

all cool stuff! I hope you get the camera so we can see more pictures of Bella and Liam :)

and I hope Bella gets something from her wish list too!

Koda wants food; he's a food-driven corgi so food is always on his mind LOL

cute entry :)


Kelly said...

ooo I love your list! You'll have the cutest office ever!