Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't make up my mind

I have been looking around for a new collar for Bella, since our Beagle decided that her collar was a toy & chewed it all up! LOL! The range of collars here in SA are really....boring. So I decided to look online. I found some really beautiful collars on target.com & muttropolis.com, but unfortunately target.com won't deliver to South Africa, and muttropolis would deliver, but it was way too expensive. My only option is ebay!

Ebay has so many great options...so great actually...that I just can't make up my mind on which collar to order! So I'm asking my followers to hopefully let me know which collar they think is cutest for a corgi princess :-)

Out of these *blingy* collars, I would go for the light pink at the bottom! And look at that...it already has Bella's name on it!! LOL :-)

So please let me know what you think & help me choose one! Thanx!


Kelly said...

I love #2. I love pink & brown together!! I sometimes wish I had a girl corgi so I could dress her in pink cuteness :)

a corgi said...

I like #3; like the little sparkly effect of it; all are cute though! Koda's is so boyish, blue with little paws on it.

enjoy your day


Freya's Human said...

I like the second one and the one with the paws on it.