Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portable Dog Food & Water Storage

What an awesome product! Will definitely be ordering it :-)


a corgi said...

I love it!!! Its going on our list too to order; we usually bring a water bottle and a dish; this is so much easier!

thanks Chantel!!

hope you all are doing good :)


Sarah said...

We bought one of these at one of the big box pet supply stores. I thought it was nifty, but the seals were not good, and the water leaked constantly. I exchanged for another, but same thing. :-( It was a great idea, but IMO, not great in reality. Hopefully they have improved it over time. It's cute though, and you can carry it just like a little lunch box. :-)

dreameyce said...

I just got one of these last month, and love it! I don't know how the seals work, since I've not used it with water.

I mostly use it for the 'bowls', since I also keep a couple jugs of water in the car. So far it's come in handy for after walk watering of the 4 dog crew.

I've got dry treats in it right now :)